Commercial Internet Banking

Collection of State budget and electronic tax payment

This service is designed for customers with demand for domestic tax payment. By this service, customers can proactively pay taxes, fees, charges and other domestic receivables, etc. via transaction network of Nam A Bank nationwide or portal of the General Department of Taxation anytime and anywhere.

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Video “Instruction for Use of Internet Banking”

In order to help customers know how to use ebanking services (Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, Bank plus, Top up), Nam A Bank’s E-Banking have supplied some short videos for detailed instruction on how to log in, access and use of services.

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Online service registration with Nam A Bank

This utility is designed for all customers with or without accounts in Nam A Bank. By this utility, customers can register banking services such as Cards - E-Banking - Loans –Current Accounts online. Besides, consultants of Nam A Bank will immediately contact customers to give advice and support information as well as the necessary procedures of services right after customers register such services. This utility also helps customers proactively make all financial transactions and easily manage accounts.

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NamABank Internet Banking Service

Nowadays, financial industry is entering a new and exciting era of technology, Internet Banking becomes one of the most critical channels which enhance the information transparency and the effectiveness of communications among banking customers. We always follow the world’s trend and now provide Internet Banking Service, enable customers to manage and stay in control of their finance anytime, anywhere they want. All you need to have a computer, then simply click on our website at or An online finance service is always easy at your fingertips!

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Online Saving

Online Saving allows all personal customers to register e-banking services of Nam A Bank to open online saving accounts anytime and anywhere by simple and time-saving procedures. By Online Saving, personal customers can get an interest rate 0.3%/year, which is higher than saving accounts at counter and proactively manage. Besides, customers can monitor their saving accounts and personal information without worry of security issues. (THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE FROM NOVEMBER 17TH, 2014)

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NamABank Mobile Banking Service

Is a distribution channel for products and services of Ebanking service, which is supplied to customers via mobile phones and aims to enable customers to connect and makes transactions on their accounts. without coming to Bank.

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NamABank SMS Banking Service

SMS Banking is one of eBanking service which allows customer to access their bank accounts using their mobile phones through the Short Messaging Service (SMS). By simply texting message to NamABank Call Center, you will access to your account info, as well as be updated with latest news. So get started today to stay in touch with your finance anytime, anywhere.

This service is applied for individual customers who holding current account at NamABank.

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NamABank VnTopup Service

Now you no longer need to rush to a local store for buying mobile recharge codes and game cards. Simply top-up your mobile account by texting SMS, available every day, day and night. The recharge amount will be debited directly from your NamABank account and credited to your mobile or game card in minutes.

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NamABank Bill Payment Service

Nam A Bank Bill Payment Service is the easiest and smartest way to manage and pay your service bills through e-Banking services (Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking and ATM…). Make all your bill payments (Electricity, Mobile Phone’s Postpaid, Landline, ADSL, air ticket…) instead of having to trade at the service provider.

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Online Payment with NamABank Debit Card

Is a service for customers who have registered Online Banking of Nam A Bank and uses information of Domestic debit card - Nam A Card, International credit card - Master Card and Prepaid card, to directly pay for purchase and service cost on websites of suppliers connecting to card payment issued by Nam A Bank.

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