Internet Banking

Nowadays, financial industry is entering a new and exciting era of technology, Internet Banking becomes one of the most critical channels which enhance the information transparency and the effectiveness of communications among banking customers. We always follow the world’s trend and now provide Internet Banking Service, enable customers to manage and stay in control of their finance anytime, anywhere they want. All you need to have a computer, then simply click on our website at or An online finance service is always easy at your fingertips!

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All individual customers are holding an active current account at NamABank and already registered for NamABank Internet Banking Service.

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- Fast, convenience, reliable and secure;
- Strong functions that facilitates your financial management: account balance inquiry, keep track of transactions, request for detailed account balance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
- Online services that transcends time and space and save your time and effort, perform transactions anytime, anywhere you want;
- Fast and convenience intra-city and inter-city remittance.

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- Currency: VND
- Transaction limit:
  + Standard package: maximum VND 50,000,000/ day
  + Premium: maximum VND 250,000,000/ day

Fees & Charges
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- Learn more about fee & charges here.

Application procedures
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- Customers fill in e-Banking Service Application Form (as per NamABank’s sample) and present identification documents (ID card or passport).
- For detailed operation guide, please click here

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For any queries or further instruction, please contact us at Branches/Transaction Offices nearest your location or call Customer Service Center - Hotline: 1900 6679