NamABank Bill Payment Service

No more queues at phone and power company offices. No more headaches due to late payment fees. No more worries of having your phone or electricity line out of services because you forgot to drop off a cheque. NamABank Bill Payment Service is the easiest and smartest way to manage and pay your service bills through bank’s counter, e-Banking and ATM anytime, anywhere. Make all your bill payments from the convenience of your home or office, do away with cheques, lated payments, lost bills, and enjoy the convenience! 

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Using Bill Payment Service means:
  + Approach to a safe, quick and convenient payment method;
  + Allow customer to view and pay off your bills anytime, anywhere through our e-Banking services: Internet Banking, SMS Banking, and Mobile Banking. It’s an easy way stay organized and save paper;
  + Automatically pay off the bills when they are delivered to you. All you need to do is setting up recurring payments to be delivered on the date you choose. In case you change your mind, you can edit or cancel any payment up to the time it’s in process. This way will help you to stay in control of your payment;
  + Enjoy with diverse privileges from service providers and NamABank.

List of Service Provider
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We never stop to expand the partnership with service providers based on long-term strategy to maximize customer’s benefits.
List of service providers, including EVN with their partners correspondently
List of airlines

How to pay bills
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3 simple steps to pay off your bills:
  + At the counter: you can visit at any NamABank locations across the country. Our consultants will guide you go through the whole process.
  + Electronic payment via e-Banking services: Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking. Keep track and stay in with the control of your payment.
  + Authorisation of bill payment: you can give instruction to NamABank to pay off your bills at the date chosen. Just tell us who, when and how much to pay. We’ll take care of the rest.

Application Conditions
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- At the counter: payment by cash or transferring money from accounts who have owned at NamABank to service provider’s accounts.   
- Electronic payment via e-Banking services:
  + You have to own a current account at NamABank;
  + You have to register, active and use NamABank’s e-Banking services.
- Authorisation of bill payment:
  + You have to own a current account at NamABank.

Bill Payment Option
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- At the counter: please visit NamABank transaction locations to pay bills directly.
- SMS Banking: simply test SMS following syntax.
- Authorisation of bill payment: please register this option at any NamABank transaction locations.

Fees & Charges
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Free of charge until 31/12/2012 or until there is new notification.

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For any queries or further instruction, please contact us at Branches/Transaction Offices nearest your location or call Customer Service Center - Hotline: 1900 6679