Nam A Bank Small Consumption Loan

Nam A Bank Small Consumption Loan is a personal loan draw on your line of credit account to support your lifestyle with higher spending power. Now you can take hold of life’s opportunities and turn your dreams into reality. With the credit limit up to VND 500,000,000, just go on and take action plan for that dream vacation, education, and wedding, expand business or simply use the cash for a purchase of a new car, household contents or anything you wish.

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Unsecured loan for consumption

Unsecured loan for consumption is an unsecured loan for public servants of the State agencies (except for public security/military/civil defense) to meet legal consumption demands. Through this service, Nam A Bank will supply loans without collaterals to help customers easily make financial plans and feel more assured of secured loans.

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Loans for mitigation of agricultural losses

Loans for mitigation of agricultural losses are loans aiming to reduce agricultural losses under Decision No. 68/2013/QD-TTg dated 14/11/2013 of the Prime Minister and Circular No. 13/2014/TT-NHNN dated 18/04/2014 of the State Bank of Vietnam. By this loan, the State Budget will support loan interest rate for borrowers.

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Proof of financial capacity

This is a loan product of Nam A Bank which assists borrowers in completing application for tourist visa, studying overseas, labor export, medical treatment and examination for such borrowers and their relatives.

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Flexible Loan

As products to meet the demand for flexible loan customers.

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Nam A Bank Agriculture Loan

Agriculture is the backbone of Vietnam economic. Keeping in view with the specific requirements of customers, Nam A Bank have introduced Agriculture Loan that assists your farming operations with funds covering for various sectors: agriculture, forestry, fisheries and salt exploitation. Join us today to turn your business dream into reality. 

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Nam A Bank Education Loan

Say yes to the unparalleled opportunities to learn all you can, while paying only what you can afford. Nam A Bank now offers Education Loan with many incentives to support student/ trainees while studying abroad or in Vietnam that connected with foreign education institutions. Let’s get a loan today and pursue your study dreams without having to worry about your finances. Here are several loan options for your consideration:
  + Demonstration of financial ability service;
  + A credit limit used for financial ability demonstration;   
  + Loans used for covering actual expenses of overseas study.

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Nam A Bank Personal Business Installment Loan

Looking for a business loan? We now release Personal Business Installment Loan as working capital to finance your manufacturing. If you run a small or medium enterprise with frequent and continuous capital needs...

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Nam A Bank Personal Real Estate Loan

Since a home loan is a long term commitment of 15-20 years, it’s important to choose a good finance bank which can handhold the customer right through home buying process...

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Nam A Bank Housing Construction and Renovation Loan

For the vast majority of home owners, housing construction and renovation can be a fulfilling and complex experience as you have to take the right steps and be well organized, especially finding the available finance resources. Keeping in minds with customer’s needs, we now offer Housing Construction and Renovation Loan with flexible options to put your plan into real action.

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