Other Services

Premium collection service

Nam A Bank supplies Premium collection service to Hanwha Life Insurance Company and Phu Hung Life Insurance Company. To be specific, insurance agents and personal customers of Hanwha Life and Phu Hung Life may have more choices of premium payment via Branches/Transaction Offices of Nam A Bank nationwide.

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Collection service of Nam A Bank

Collection service of Nam A Bank is the saving optimal solution, restrict all risks, increase the effectiveness of cash management and reduce operation management cost…in the most effective way.

Let’s use collection service of Nam A Bank to get the best facility.

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NamABank Healthcare Premium Collection

Accident, illness and disease can happen to any of us, at any time. And if we are caught unprepared, the worst can happen. When a critical illness is detected, your main concern is adequate money to restore valuable health. And it is never an easy issue to deal with.

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Intermediary Bank for Property Payment, Trading and Conveyance

There are a number of risks associated with property trading and sometimes they may prevent you from picking up investment opportunities. With Property Payment, Trading & Conveyance service, we now help customers to lower these risks, building confidence and trust between business partners since NamABank plays as an intermediary bank for property payment.

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Foreign Exchange Service

As part of our banking solutions, we offer foreign exchange service (to VND). It is always useful to have some local currency in your pocket, especially when you are foreigners who travelling for a long time in Vietnam. Often incidental purchases such as a cup of coffee, newspaper or a taxi ride can only be purchased with cash. Or when you received money transferred from your relative abroad, it’s useful to change money into VND to make local purchases. Moreover, our rates are competitive and you have a range of services to choose from.

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Electric Bill Payment Service

NamABank Electric Bill Payment is the easiest and smartest way to manage and pay your electric bills anytime anywhere. What makes Electric Bill Payment so convenient, is that you can avail the service at NamABank branches, Online Banking or Instruction for making bills payment. So do away with cash withdrawal or writing cheques to pay your electric bills. Make all your bills payment be more convenience, efficient and cost-saving. Check now! 

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Cheque Service

Cheque transfer: when you transfer a cheque, the continuity of the endorsed signature must be written as follow: in the first transfer transaction, the transferee must be the beneficiary recorded in the back of the cheque. In the subsequent transfer transactions, the transferee must be the beneficiary of the preceding transaction.
Cheque collection: this service is offered by NamABank in order to facilitate faster collection of cheques. In collection, the sellers forwards the cheque to NamABank. On behalf of the payee, NamABank will collect money from payer but do not commit to pay the payee.
Cheque warrant: means that the payer has adequate account balance to secure the payment of a check when such check is presented for payment within the presentation limit. If the account balance is insufficient, the payer must be approved for an overdraft to warrant for the amount stated on the cheque.
Cheque guarantee: means cheques are secured for payment of part or whole of the sums of money by the third party.

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