Other Services

Payroll/Commission Payment Service

Payroll/Commission Payment is the service in which Nam A Bank debits customers’ accounts to make salary payment to their employees, or pay commission to their agents in cash or by transfer as per customers’ requests.

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Intermediary Bank for Property Payment, Trading and Conveyance

There are a number of risks associated with property trading and sometimes they may prevent you from picking up investment opportunities. With Property Payment, Trading & Conveyance service, we now help customers to lower these risks, building confidence and trust between business partners since NamABank plays as an intermediary bank for property payment.

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Collection service of Nam A Bank

Collection service of Nam A Bank is the saving optimal solution, restrict all risks, increase the effectiveness of cash management and reduce operation management cost…in the most effective way.

Let’s use collection service of Nam A Bank to get the best facility.

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Electric Bill Payment Service

NamABank Electric Bill Payment is the easiest and smartest way to manage and pay your electric bills anytime anywhere. What makes Electric Bill Payment so convenient, is that you can avail the service at NamABank branches, Online Banking or Instruction for making bills payment. So do away with cash withdrawal or writing cheques to pay your electric bills. Make all your bills payment be more convenience, efficient and cost-saving. Check now!

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NamABank Gold Bar Trading

NamABank is one of the credit institution allowed by SBV to execute gold bar trading under License No. 274/GP-NHNN dated 28th December 2012.

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Foreign currency business service

Profile of collateral Foreign currency business service is a trading, exchanging a definite foreign currency as customer require.

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