Automatic Payment for Credit Card

1. Introduction:

- Apply for Nam A Bank Automatic Payment and let us handle your credit card’s statements.

- With our Automatic Payment service, you can simply authorise Nam A Bank to settle your credit card debit every month. On payment due date, an amount‘s registered from your current account will be automatic deducted. You can opt for fully payment or minimum payment or a percentage rate of the outstanding balance.

- To register, simply visit our Card Center at Nam A Bank Head Office, or any branches and transaction offices nearest your location.

- So call us now and take the hassle out of paying your credit cards, no more standing in front of long statements. It saves your time and simplifier your life by eliminating the need to write checks, drop by the bank or worry about payment delays.

2. Contact:

Details on products and services, please contact:
  + Nam A Bank’s branches/Transaction offices nation wide.

  + Or Customer Service Center 1900 6679.