Cheque Service

Cheque transfer: when you transfer a cheque, the continuity of the endorsed signature must be written as follow: in the first transfer transaction, the transferee must be the beneficiary recorded in the back of the cheque. In the subsequent transfer transactions, the transferee must be the beneficiary of the preceding transaction.
Cheque collection: this service is offered by NamABank in order to facilitate faster collection of cheques. In collection, the sellers forwards the cheque to NamABank. On behalf of the payee, NamABank will collect money from payer but do not commit to pay the payee.
Cheque warrant: means that the payer has adequate account balance to secure the payment of a check when such check is presented for payment within the presentation limit. If the account balance is insufficient, the payer must be approved for an overdraft to warrant for the amount stated on the cheque.
Cheque guarantee: means cheques are secured for payment of part or whole of the sums of money by the third party.

Target Client
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Individual customers who have demands on cheque services.

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- Currency: VND, foreign currencies.
- Interest rate for late of cheque payment: payable for the beneficiary and equal to 200% of the basic interest rate prescribed by the State Bank for application at the time of check presentation.

Fee & Charges
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Fee is applicable depending on NamABank’s fee schedule in each period of time.

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Please present your ID card or passport for identification and complete other documents to confirm the beneficiary as per request of the drawer.
For any queries or further instruction, please contact us at Branches/Transaction Offices nearest your location or call Customer Service Center - Hotline: 1900 6679