Intermediary Bank for Property Payment, Trading and Conveyance

There are a number of risks associated with property trading and sometimes they may prevent you from picking up investment opportunities. With Property Payment, Trading & Conveyance service, we now help customers to lower these risks, building confidence and trust between business partners since NamABank plays as an intermediary bank for property payment.

Target Client
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Organisations who have demands on property payment & conveyance service executed by an intermediary bank and complied with prevailing laws & regulations.

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- Safe, convenient, ensure mutual interests for both buyers and sellers;
- Reduce risks and avoid disputes before all tribunals;
- All the conditions and payment schedules are defined clearly, detailed and strictly managed during the transaction, trading and transfer ownership of the property;
- Legal advice and support during the conveyance procedure whenever customers have demands;
- Financing for property payment according to customer’s requirements;
- Fast and cost-saving, you don’t have to worry about complex procedures, we will handle them for you .
- Enjoy the competitive cost of service.

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- Currency of payment: USD
- Main services:
  + Intermediary bank to transfer money between the parties;
  + Payment guarantee service: ensure all partners to comply with contract’s obligations;
  + Legal consultancy service: professional advice relative to legal aspects of the property, and support customer to go through the whole conveyance process;
  +Value-added services: registration/ conveyance of the property and other administrative paperwork involved.
- Fee & charges: depending on specific service that customers choose and applicable based on NamABank’s fee schedule in each period of time. 

Application procedures
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- Copy of Business Registration Certificate, Authorised  Representative Certificate (if any);
- Credit contract, mortgage contract in case customer is holding any loan at NamABank;
- Copy of legal documentation relative to the property;
- Copy of contract/agreement for trading or conveyance of the property;
- Documentation of opening an account for the sellers in case they don’t have any account at NamABank;
- Other documents stipulated by NamABank.