NamABank Healthcare Premium Collection

Accident, illness and disease can happen to any of us, at any time. And if we are caught unprepared, the worst can happen. When a critical illness is detected, your main concern is adequate money to restore valuable health. And it is never an easy issue to deal with.

NamABank now provides customer a brand new service - Premium Collection for PVI Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance, enable the transparency of premium payment process, save your time, energy and efficiency. What’s more, you will enjoy more privileges than buying direct from the market.

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- Freedom to choose medical facility;
- Diversity in additional benefits;
- Various insurance options that meet customer’s needs;
- Quick and convenience customer service, unified nationwide;
- Free consulting service 24x7;
- Direct billing network up to 30 hospitals and clinics;
- Insurance claim handling is processed quickly and fairly, guarantee for customer’s benefits.
- No requirement on health check-up before buying;
- Simple and convenience claim procedure;

Insurance Coverage and Premium
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- To view detailed Insurance Coverage and Premium, please click here.
- To view List of Direct Billing Network, please click here.

Target Client and Conditions
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- Vietnamese or foreign individuals living in Vietnam;
- Age bracket from 01 to 60 (calculated based on the closet birthday date);
- PVI do not provide insurance for the following customers (general exclusion):
  + Persons who are having mental diseases, neuropathy, leprosy;
  + Persons who are having permanent disability from and above 50%;
  + Persons who are in treatment of illness, disease or injury.

Application procedures
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- Customer fill in PVI Health Care Insurance Application Form, please try to declare all information requested or other important materials, they will help us to consider the best competitive coverage and premium for you.
- Downloadable Form can be found here.
- Please remember to present your ID card or passport to NamABank consultant.