POS Service

1. POS Service of Nam A Bank:

At present, Point of Sale (POS) of Nam A Bank accepts payment for the following cards: MasterCard, CUP card and all domestic cards issued by banks in Vietnam. By POS service of Nam A Bank, you can feel assured to pay for goods/services without cash to millions of holders of MasterCard and CUP all over the world.

Benefits of POS service of Nam A Bank:

- Nam A Bank will supply POS service on site, give detailed instructions and sign POS service contract.
- POS is installed at your business locations for free and you will get professional and dedicated instructions for using POS.
- Customer service is always upgraded and customers are cared under committed standards.
- “Instant payment” service helps you to receive bill payment in a day.

WithPOS service of Nam A Bank, customersdo not need to worry about risks related to cash payment such as counterfeit money, torn money, money loss during collection and you can save a lot of management time and money.

2. Fee policy:

Discount policy for agents is specified by Nam A Bank from current period (please visit website of Nam A Bank : www.namabank.com.vn or call 1900 6679 for more details).

3. Becoming a POS agent of Nam A Bank:

- Conditions to become a POS agent of Nam A Bank:
  + Enterprises trading in goods and service supply must have business registration license.
  + Agents must be located in spacious and clean places and have telephone line.
  + Applicable business lines are hospitality, restaurant, tourism, air ticket agent, jewelry, fine art and handicraft, eye glass, fashion, etc.

- Application procedures:
  + Signing POS service contract with Nam A Bank, filling information in and signing Application for Account Opening (in forms of Nam A Bank).
  + Supplying notarized copies of business registration license.
  + Supplying notarized copies of ID card of enterprise owner/person named on business registration license.
  + Supplying notarized copies of seal sample certificate (if any).
  + Supplying notarized copies of tax code registration certificate (if any).
  + Origin of Authorization Letter (in case the person signing contracts with Nam A Bank is not legal representative named on business registration license).

- POS service contract: click here.
- List of POS: click here.