NamABank-The Gioi Uu Dai Co-Branded Card

Having this card in your wallet is like carrying your bank account with you wherever you go. Being our Co-Branded Cardholder now and enjoy unrestricted shopping, entertainment with all year-round promotions and the complete security of not having to carry cash around you. So simple and convenience!

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Debit Card

Debit cards are perfect for those who want to stay in control of their money and make quick, easy and safe transactions, without having to carry around lots of cash.

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Prepaid Card

NamABank bring to you a reloadable prepaid card providing payment solutions at your fingertips. This card can be used as a safe & convenient way to make purchases, pay bills and get cash at ATM quickly and easily at any time.

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Credit Card

In addition to "spend first, pay later" and interest-free grace period of up to 45 days

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