Increasing Incentives - Harvesting Success

Nam A Bank offers incentive packages for short-term loans (VND 1,000 billion  in total value) for production and business with a preferential interest rate of 6.0% per year.

Implementation time: From March 26th, 2016 to September 26th, 2016

Scope of Application:


- Individual customers / Household businesses.

- Enterprises.


Short-term loans in VND

Preferential interest rate (%/year)

Individuals/Household Businesses/Enterprises (*)


Applicable conditions:

- Loans for production and business;

- Total value of the Loans is over VND 10 billion;

- Customers meet loan conditions under current provisions of Nam A Bank;

- Customers who participate in this program are not allowed to participate in other incentive programs and vice versa.

(*) Customer group priority:

- Individuals/ Household businesses/ Enterprises using many products and services in Nam A Bank;

- Small- and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);

- Enterprises in the supporting industries (Mechanical Engineering, Rubber - Plastic, Food processing, Textile, Garments, Electronics - Information Technology).


For more details about products and services, please contact:

Transaction Offices of Nam A Bank nationwide
Or Customer Service Center