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Most fresh graduates wonder which jobs suit their majors and which positions best suit their capability. Nam A Bank would like to share some useful information on two positions recruited most often in Nam A Bank so that you can understand more about the job and determine targets for your future.
- To receive and handle all transaction requests of customers related to deposit, saving (“deposit, saving, withdrawing, mortgaging saving for loan, etc”) under instructions and regulations of Nam A Bank most rapidly, accurately and effectively. To thoroughly give instruction and advice on Banking services to customers.

- To monitor documents on deposit of customers (Printing list of due saving accounts for interest calculation, list of customers transferring saving account for interest enjoyment or keeping interest for customers on a daily basis).

- To fully check and store all account statements and accounting books under regulations.

- To pay foreign currencies via Western Union, collecting and converting foreign currencies.

- To post daily vouchers promptly, accurately and fully and to be responsible for made transactions:

  • To instruct customers to prepare cash receipt, cheque receipt; check account balance on computer, signature, seal sample and post entries on related programs.
  • To make international inward remittance and outward remittance for customers.
  • To post and transfer cash paid by customers to payment accounts; to post and transfer money under payment order prepared by customers.

- To open and manage personal deposit accounts of personal and corporate customers:

  • To give advice to and instruct customers to make application for account opening; fully check required documents and ID card; store documents on account opening under regulations.
  • To introduce and give advice on current products and services of Nam A Bank to customers.

- To escrow and disburse accounts as requested.

- To check accuracy and legality of loan documents.

- To post entries, collect debts, collect interest and collect loan fee.

  • To record off-balance-sheet import and export activities into value of assets mortgaged for loans.
  • To monitor and report overdue debts to seniors before carrying over overdue debts.
  • To monitor and calculate interest to be collected.
  • To report overdue debts and interest for handling.

- To make reports on overdue debts, uncollected interest and outstanding loan based on loan purposes.

- To update and store related documentsincluding process, regulation, instruction, directive, charge schedule, etc.

- To participate training courses and self-study to improve qualification and ability.

- To perform other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors of Branches.

Customer Relation Specialist

- To directly search, maintain and develop relationship with personal customers and corporate customers;

- To develop and propose comprehensive solutions to meet demands for financial and banking services of personal customers and corporate customers;

- To submit and approve loan application within authority, to monitor and urge debt and interest collection.

- To compile documents, processes and regulations related to loans.

- To perform plans assigned by Head/Deputy Head of the Department and other cross-selling criteria.