Transfer and Recieve Money

NamABank Domestic Receiving Money Transfer

If you want to send money to your family and friend’s bank accounts within Vietnam, we will help them to receive money quickly and securely. We process your funds transfer request on same day if it is submitted within the appropriate currency cut-off time. Domestic Receiving Money Transfer is a safe, convenient, dependable and hassle-free way to make payment and transfer funds to anywhere, anytime you want. Get started now! 

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Western Union Money Transfer

Do you regularly send money home to your family? Do you need an efficient service to send money overseas? There is no better way than NamABank’s Western Union money transfer services. With Western Union’s state-of-the-art computer systems and a secure global network, the money reaches your relatives safely in minutes, regardless how far away they are living. Moreover, our wide network across the country and our team of operators work through the week to provide you with adequate supply of currency to meet your demands. So let think NamABank is the next when you want to receive or send money through Western Union money transfer and avail yourself with our fast, secure and convenient payout services.

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NamABank Domestic Sending Money

No more hustle and bustle for fund transfer to recipients having accounts with other commercial banks. With NamABank’s interbank money transfer service, you can rest assured that your money will be transferred to designated recipients quickly, securely and accurately without the need of an account.

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NamABank International Receiving Money Transfer

Do you regularly receive money from overseas family? Our International Receiving Money Transfer is an easy, with outstanding utility on reliable and effective service offered by NamABank network. Contact us now and see how fast, easy and secure it is!

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NamABank International Money Transfer

Transfer your money around the world should be straightforward, and with NamABank International Money Transfer (also known as Telegraphic Transfer), you can make a global money transfer safely and quickly. We have years of experience in providing cross-border remittance services to make payment for tuition fees, medical treatment, transfer inheritance or allowance for customer’s relatives. All is provided by our professional staffs supported by advanced technologies

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